The project consists of the redevelopment of an historical office building to offices and student residence. The complex is situated in the center of Brussels, on the corner of the Bischoffsheimlaan and the Rue Van Orley.


Since February 2009, the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) occupies part of the building.

The building was erected for the Crédit Général Hypothécaire, shortly after WW I. Afterwards, it served as a hotel and has been property of the Banco di Roma. For 3 decades, the building was property of the Belgian State, and services of the Ministry of Finance were located in it.


The renovation program tried to preserve the original features and characteristics of the building as much as possible.


Early 2014, the building was sold to Quares Student Fonds.

City: Brussels, Belgium
Street: Bisschofsheimlaan 38/38A
Type: Office, Residential
Surface: 5.700 m²