• Breevast and Immobel purchase interest of Dexia Bank in RAC

    The two developers continue their joint venture to accomplish an important project in the centre of Brussels.

    BREEVAST and IMMOBILIËN VENNOOTSCHAP OF BELGIUM (Immobel) have purchased the stocks that Dexia Bank owned in RAC Investment Corp. N.V., the corporation that owns the "Rijks Administratief Centrum"(RAC) in Brussels. BREEVAST and IMMOBEL are the only stockholders in this and will redevelop this site.
    BREEVAST and IMMOBEL are very enthusiastic about this project, that is located on the crossroad of the up and down city of Brussels. The RAC is an ideal source for a multi functional project. An intense renovation to offer office and residential place, will be accomplished with the biggest respect for the environment and neighbourhood. Besides that there will be special attention to the environment performances by choosing the long lasting techniques and materials.