DNB moves to Toorop building of Breevast

3 May, 2018

AMSTERDAM, 3rd May 2018 – the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) will be moving its headquarters to the Toorop building located at Omval in Amsterdam for at least four years in 2020.
DNB’s current headquarters, located on Frederiksplein and Westeinde, will be thoroughly renovated during this time. DNB will take up approximately 25.000 square meters of the property owned by Breevast, located near Omval and Amstel river, which is leased to Delta Lloyd on a long term lease. In 2017, Delta Lloyd was taken over by Nationale Nederlanden, which resulted in available office space in the building which totals approximately 46.500 square meter.
In addition to DNB, Nationale Nederlanden will keep its offices in the property, which will be supplied with a strict separation between the two users.
Breevast has owned the Toorop property since 2007.