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What we do


We define development as the process of making lives better by conceiving great living, working and commercial spaces. We believe in visualizing real estate concepts that not only fulfil the needs of society but are also kind to the environment and visually attractive. In developing real estate, we expressly consider our customers’ environment, business culture and specific wishes, as well as environmental sustainability. Our ideas go beyond conceptualizing and building new properties, we often restore,  repurpose and transform existing ones to create a new building life cycle.

What we do


Realization is the actual development of a property right from the stage of initial conceptualization and planning to the final stages of construction and delivery or, in some cases, restoration and transformation. We are driven by the will to enhance the quality of life for all. We commit to a project from the very beginning, taking part in every step of its long journey to completion. We enjoy watching a project unfold with every effort made to contribute to the real realization – not just of the projects involved but also of the aspirations of the eventual user. Our commitment to projects that often span many years reflects focus, dedication and careful planning.

What we do


Our real estate management business is concentrated in the Benelux, Europe and the United States. The aim is to rejuvenate the real estate management portfolio. The quality of a property is sharply monitored, with location, rental income and tenant quality being the main criteria. We also manage properties for financial partners. Our dedicated asset management team has an active portfolio management policy with the objective to further optimize the portfolio and, if applicable, to sell it in tranches in the medium term. Our portfolio consists of residential, retail, offices and industrial real estate including office buildings, retail premises, warehouses, and hospitality centres.