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Breevast achieved strong performance in 2019 and we continued to broaden and improve the quality of our property portfolio with a focus on high-quality sustainable properties.

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A strong performance in 2019

After a strong performance in 2019 and the successful sale of a number of assets and development projects in 2019 and early 2020, Breevast concluded its portfolio realignment and is ready to accelerate the realization of its strategic ambitions. The company is ideally positioned to meet the changing needs of society through the (re)development of high-quality, innovative and sustainable properties centred around people’s wellbeing and business’ success.


Stable direct result and improvement in occupancy rate

In 2019, Breevast’s direct result was stable at 23.2 million euros, while its occupancy rate further improved to 83.1%. Supported by the acquisition of two high-end office buildings in Beverly Hills, California, the total value of the real estate portfolio increased to 537,1 million euros, up from 387.6 million in 2018. At the end of the year, solvency was exceptionally strong with a ratio of 75%, giving the company the financial flexibility and resilience to reap the opportunities emerging in today’s landscape.

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KEY DATA 2019 vs 2018:

Projects in Belgium and Germany

The completion of the sale of Belgium’s largest stand-alone office property, the Belgian Finance Tower located in Brussels, for more than 1.2 billion euros, in January of 2020 marked a major milestone in the company’s history and is a testament to its strategic vision for the future of real estate. Following an extensive urban redevelopment project, the sale of our 30% ownership interest in the Finance Tower, together with the sale of one of Germany’s largest residential projects, provides Breevast with the financial resources to accelerate its strategy. The remaining 70% of ownership interest in the Finance Tower was held by a related group entity, structured outside of Breevast but within the group Breevast is part of.

Breevast is focused on creating new urban and property life cycles to work, live and socialize in core cities and has a large development pipeline with a focus on Amsterdam to enable its ambitions.

Real estate development should focus on people’s wellbeing

A few years ago, Breevast decided to refocus and deleverage its property portfolio in order to capitalize on emerging trends in society that demand high quality, sustainable real estate solutions. Breevast specialized itself in the development of large-scale urban revitalization projects, which combine living, working and social live in sustainable, high-tech real estate concepts that provide for outside spaces as well. The company’s vision is cemented in the conviction that real estate development should be guided by a focus on people’s wellbeing, while helping companies prosper by meeting their rapidly evolving needs to bring value to society through a purpose-driven and productive workforce. For large scale urban development projects with a focus on residential, Breevast may choose to collaborate with institutional real estate investors.

Our projects combine living, working and social live in sustainable, high-tech real estate concepts.

Solvency was exceptionally strong with a ratio of 75%.

The shift to sustainable, innovative real estate concepts

We aim to be a leader in the industry and be on the forefront of the shift to sustainable, innovative real estate concepts. With an existing portfolio of high-quality office buildings and a development scheme of more than 600.000 m2 focused on projects which help meet the growing demand for urban living and mixed-use areas, we’re ready to embark on this journey.

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1 square meter (m2) = 10,764 square feet