BP Building

Breevast Development Belgium’s Head Quarters are known in Antwerp by the name of “BP Building”, thus referring to the original owner. It is a landmark building in Antwerp. Designed by architect Leon Stijnen in 1960 with a very modern, industrial touch, it was part of a series of buildings the architect designed in the area.
The building is hung on to a central support structure. This sophisticated and for the time very progressive support structure, allows transparency and lightness to the building, which enables a very functional use of the offices. Elevators, stairways and sanitary facilities are centralized in the centre of the building. The building consists of 12 levels, which make up a total surface of 10.000m².

Breevast Development Belgium has its offices on the 11th floor. The other floors are leased to renowned companies.

The facade of the building will be restorated in the coming year. The works consist of renewal of the concrete, replacement of the glass and renewal of the sun screens. Renovation will be completed by april 2016.

10.307 m²