The site of circa 51.000 m² is situated in the  “Gallusviertel” in the western part of Frankfurt between the central station and the airport.

An international competition organised together with the City of Frankfurt to select the design of the new urban planning was won by Baufrösche, Kassel. The existing office buildings (50.000 m² GFA) will be replaced by a residential development of about 120.000 m ². The plans includes retail surfaces of 2.000–3.000 m² as well as 2-3 facilities for child daycare and possibly student apartments. The development will be realised in several phases.

The program contains different functions (for instence apartments: lease, sale, subsidy programs) each calling for a different approachthat during the commercialisation process.

At the moment the zoning plan is in it' s preperation.

Commencement date 2019 with completion in phases from 2022
119.000 m2 residential, 6.000 m2 retail and hospitality, 30.000 m2 parking