Zone Boerhaavelaan

In between the railway station Zoetermeer CS and the city center Breevast owns approximately 10 hectares of land. Besides the two existing offices of 50,000 m2 gfa are approximately 150,000 m2 GFA developments possible.

In cooperation with the municipality of Zoetermeer a detailed development plan is developed and a new zoning plan is put into procedure.
The plan is scheduled to be established by the city council in the autumn of 2015. Up to 80.000 m2 housing and up to 20.000 m2 of amenities can be realized. In total, approximately 690 houses will be provided.

This development will enhance the entrance to the city and it will better connect the railway station and the city center with each other. Parking facilities will be underground, with greenery on the roof. A large water feature along the Boerhaavelaan strengthens the already green character of the Boerhaavelaan.

The existing buildings will be integrated into the plan. Sustainability is an important focus point for the plant development.