49 North: A heroic office landmark in Amsterdam North.

19 April, 2024

Breevast proudly announced 49 North. Situated on the waterfront of Amsterdam's vibrant North district, 49 North offers unparalleled views overlooking the IJ river.

49 North stands as a beacon of tranquility and accessibility. This waterfront office offers serene calm and boasts surprising proximity to the vibrant heart of Amsterdam. It's just a 5-minute bike ride or 10 to 15 minutes by public transport from Amsterdam Central Station. What sets 49 North apart is its unparalleled access by public transport, bike, and car, but also by boat—a rarity among offices.

In today's dynamic landscape, an increasing number of organizations such as The Walt Disney Company and many others recognized the uniqueness Amsterdam North has to offer. The expansive surroundings and the vibrant atmosphere provide the perfect canvas for true pioneers with an ambition.

Architectural design

With its sleek glass facade and innovative design by Dutch architectural firm MVSA Architects, 49 North embodies the essence of modern urban working. It is designed to seamlessly blend with its green surroundings, offering a 360-degree panorama on all floors, providing tenants with stunning views over the city and water for that extra dose of daily inspiration. Glass, light, life.

The office comprises of approximately 10,300 sqm LFA divided over 7 floors. Each floor consists of approximately 1,200 sqm LFA. Perfectly suited for organizations of all sizes.

Ample amenities

49 North offers ample amenities including a restaurant with healthy food concept, semi-stealth and green-roofed underground parking equipped with ample e-charging facilities, and bike parking with similar e-charging sites. Notably, 49 North is one of the few buildings that can be accessed by boat, adding a unique touch to its accessibility. In addition, tenants have access to a state-of-the-art gym, meditation room and other wellness facilities, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling working environment.

Naturally conscious
Landscape architect Buro Lubbers tuned the trees, lawns and foliage to the area to enhance biodiversity. Together with the rooftop parc located on the first floor, these elements are the true façade of 49 North, embodying its commitment to sustainable and harmonious integration with the surrounding environment.

49 North aims for a BREEAM Excellent label. Its roof is covered with PV solar panels,

awnings deflect any sunlight surplus from the insulated facades and water retention crates retain rainwater that can be used for all kinds of purposes.

"The site for 49 North presented us with some unique opportunities. It is surrounded by water on two sides – the wide IJ to the front, and the narrower harbor to the right. The views are therefore wonderful, full of the water, light and cityscape, and called for a transparent building."

— Henk Brouwer (CEO) & Robert Alberts (CIO), Breevast

Expand your horizons and come have your office at 49 North.